Facility Management

Facility Management requires systems and expertise in understanding how buildings actually work and what the requirements of landlords are.
✅ Our Background in Trade and Technical, as well as construction, provides you with the knowledge bank to steer your maintenance, projects, and day-to-day running of your facility operations in a budget conscientious and fastidious manner.
✅ Our point of difference is not just our trade and technical background, but our experience in management and projects.
✅ Our People become your people. We encourage our dedicated team to liaise directly with our clientele, to communicate more often, and to ensure all critical dates are adhered to.

Facility Operations:

Facility Operations is the core of any Facility Management process.

Our Agreements are tailored directly with you to ensure we capture all the budgets, KPIs, and operations criteria you need.

Building Management

Dedicate and Conscienouse Employees

Your Building Manager is chosen based upon work ethic and experience. We ensure our employees are properly vetted, good communication skills, have a practical outlook, and well presented

Resources in Facility Management

Our Resources Extended Beyond
“google’s 1st page”

In meeting our Facility Management obligations, we have engaged and vetted many sub-contractor over the years.
✅ Ensuring they are competent, fair price and reliable
✅ Ensuring all insurances are in place
✅ Ensuring all Workplace Health and Safety documentation is signed, dated, and received

Results Matter!

In the delivery of Facility Management Results are Everything!

We have been working in and around Facility Management for many years and understand that results matter. Your Results!
There are responsibilities with Investors, stakeholders, Asset Managers, Property Managers, Real Estate Agents, Strata Managers, Committees, Body Corporates, and others.
We know the industry, we know facility operations, and how to support our clients in challenging times as well as when the markets are on your side.
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Building Type, Commerical, residential, Industrial, Car Park, or a Mix
The Area the Facility or Building is located