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Understanding the responsibility of Operations in maintaining fixed assets in commercial or residential buildings is fundamental in the successful stewardship of the building’s resources, both financial and physical.


Core Competencies

To support you in your building operations, we provide core Facility Services and Technical Support.

Facility Management hard and Soft services. From Cleaning to the Airconditioning System to the elevators.
Our teams include Air Conditioning Mechanics, Electricians, Fire Services Technicians, BMS Technicians, and others.
With Experienced people in Building Services, we can offer you a competitive alternative to the “Majors” and deliver a personalized, tailored product.

Operations Documentation in Fundamental to Successful Stewardship

Fundamental to successful stewardship in the building operations of any building is thorough documentation.
We use cloud-based software systems for our field staff which employs a GPS and client signature system. Fixed Site staff use a similar system for tracking work orders, reporting, ad hoc, and scheduled maintenance.

Tailored Operations

Your Maintenance, Project, and on-site requirements are unique; there is no “one size fits all” in facility and building management. 

Scope of Work

Building Operations can be quite broad, but to mention a few:
– Monitor performance of services delivery
– Monitor Energy performance
– Monitor Contractor and Maintenance Performance
– Monitor Budget Cohesion and Commercial Building Expenses
– Deliver reports and Building data in relevant Facility Services
– Project management and assist with Compliance and certification
– Building supervision and care-taking
and many other duties geared toward keeping the building fully functional and compliant

Energy Conservation

Included in our scope are strategies to monitor, investigate, and improve energy conservation in a facility.
With Building Audits for energy, maintenance, and system controls as part of our holistic offering, we can find improvement and offer recommendations for economical energy conservation strategies…

Client Building Operations Support

– Site review and Documentation Management
– W.H.S Safety obligations and monitoring – CM3
– Financial and Warranty obligations
– Safe Work Method Statements
– Asset management (BIM Opportunities)
– Documentation Request and management
– Project documentation, O & M’s, Commissioning Sheets
– Maintenance Management Co-ordination
– Comprehensive and Preventative Maintenance Agreements.

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