Strata Building Management Services
Sydney | Melbourne | Canberra

✅ * Competitive Rates
✅ * Tailored Agreements
✅ * Wide range of Competent and vetted sub-contractors
✅ * Building Managers are Employees
✅ * Monthly Reporting
✅ * Monthly Budgeting
✅ * Third-party vetted Workplace health and safety Processes


Commercial & Residential Strata Property

Sydney | Melbourne | Canberra

We provide Strata Building Management Services and facility management for Commerical and Residential Strata managers in all three capital cities.


Understanding Commerical & Residential Strata 

Strata Management

Strata is about sharing and fairness in that sharing.
Understanding the idiosyncrasies and characteristics of Strata takes time and experience.
This is how we can help you manage your strata apartment building effectively, and this is the basis on which we provide our Strata Building management Services.


Strata Meetings & Executive Committee Meetings

We, Will, Attend without Additional Charge

Regular meetings with executive committees, fund managers, families, institutional management, real estate agents, and others are part of our role in delivering reports and updates for all stakeholders involved with the Strata Building Management Services.


Tailored Agreements

There are no “lock-in” contracts

We seek to hold and maintain our clientele via delivery in the excellence of facility and building management. There are no “lock-in” clauses in our agreements, no auto rollover, no single window of time to terminate an agreement. We want your repeat business based upon our performance.


Buying Power – Supply Chain

Vendor and Contractor Management

Our Supply chain is our most valued commodity for serving the needs of our clientele in their facility services maintenance requirements; we have access to those professionals who have demonstrated the knowledge and expertise to deliver successful and legislative compliant results, including compliance for local government, workplace health, and safety, Australian standards, tenant satisfaction, and sustainability.


Experience and Dedication

All our Building Managers and Facility Managers are Employed by Us

Experience, dedication, and a genuine capacity for hands-on work is what we look for in the team we employ.
Typically a building manager will have a trade background or practical knowledge on the operations of a commercial or residential strata building.