Building Management For New Developments

We can help you establish a Building Management for new developments with operations and systems, on-site, fast!
✅ You need a team, with a background in trades and technology.
✅ You need people who can read a contract and know when the vendor has a responsibility under their defects liability period.
✅ You need a team leader that has construction experience and knows the systems.
✅ You need a team leader with project management experience and who understands budgets, compliances, and contracts.
✅ You need to talk to us.


Management You Need in your New Developments?

It’s a critical time to change from a Project Site to an Operational Site. Workplace Health and Safety comes first, as always, but there’s more:

Core Building Management Fundamentals Include:
✅ Asset Register
✅ Defect/Warranty management
✅ Safety and Operations Management
✅ Preventative Maintenance management
✅ Contractor Management
✅ Critical Dates and Statutory Obligations

Breakdown of Just a few Building Management Tools you’ll Need in the Operations of a New Development

✅ Establishment of an Asset Register, at least the foundations
Based upon the Asset register preventative maintenance regimes
✅implemented, mind full of warranty obligations and contracts with vendors for their installations
✅ Soft services on Site Management (Cleaning, Gardens, and the like.
✅By Law support and monitoring in Conjunction with the strata management and the committee
✅ Defect Management process and reporting
✅ Waste system setups and contracts
✅ Record keeping foundation
✅ Reporting structure
✅ Recording of All Building Certifications

✅ Site Inductions For Contractors
✅ Energy Management and Monitoring tools
✅ Establishment of Register of Warranties in line with the Preventative maintenance and the Asset Register
✅ Annual Fire Safety Statement
✅ Critical date register set up and maintenance programs in line with these dates (AFSS, BackFlow, Tanks, Elevators, Doors, etc)
✅ Contractor Management including Safety, Insurances, SWMS, Access Protocols, etc
✅ Operation and Maintenance Manuals collected filed and managed in both hard copy and soft copy


When Should we Discuss the Change Over

There is a lot involved in taking over a new Development into an Operational Building

The Sooner the better, well before the defects liability starts and before any owner or resident wants to move in. For discussion, we would recommend about a year before the defects liability period is expected to start.
The more the Building Management can have prepared, the better the team can start and “hit the ground running” and the more effective the operations management will actually be.
It’s a Ramping up process, not an all-in at once scenario.
We work with you to achieve your expectations and understand what the Developer needs and what the strata manager/committee also needs.

How Can We Help you Faster?

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