Your Specialist Niche’, in Commercial and Residential Building Management Companies

With All the Building Management Companies, across Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne, you have a choice.

What Makes Your Commercial or Residential Building Unique?

Is Your Building a complex array of idiosyncrasies, complex arrangements, and ongoing maintenance requirements?
Your Building has a community with expectations, budgets, and statutory compliance requirements.

Your Committee prefers documentation and verification, just in case of recourse.
All Workplace Health and safety legislative requirements must be fulfilled without “chasing people”.

Engineering and Service Dockets signed and recorded for future reference.
The trust of any of your Committee or Body Corporate has to been earned, it is not freely given away, it is your home after all.

We Can Help You!

What is Your Building’s Niche’?

We Specialise in Unique Buildings, with character and charm which the owners seek some professional help with maintenance and management. You seek support and experience from a company that has the resources internally structured for greater economy and less bureaucratic challenges

Is your Commercial or Residential Building:

Your Building is a Community

The building management becomes a part of the local community; strong, long-term bonds are made, friendships are formed, and trust is a fundamental part of running the building.


People Come First

First of all, it’s the people. The Community, the Stakeholders, and the owners are involved with the building and require a tailored, individual service that is practical, econ and flexible.


Your Building is Unique, it has a Niche’

Your Niche building is typically a commercial or residential building, with genuine opportunity for savings in operations and improvement in maintenance outcomes for you, our Clientele.


We Tailor Everything for you

Your Tailored agreement is developed, with you, to gain an improved overall performance of the site, both financially, environmentally, and ecstatically.

Your Friendly, Affable Team

The personnel we employ in Building Management to run your building are typically trade background, industry experienced people, who know the best practices, have a good understanding of Australian Standards, and are part of a friendly, affable, well-presented team.

With the Choice of Building Management Companies available to you, we believe that by Employing “practical” people we can save you money in dealing with trades and subcontractors, and perform some of the onsite “handyman” jobs.

Trades people and technicians in PPE all lined up in a row for Forte Asset Services

Your Building Manager

Everyone loves a hardworking Building Manager. Integrity, familiarity, affability, and being “direct” with all stakeholders are core qualities of an effective building manager.

Your Building Manager becomes the “Go-To” person for everyone in the building, including visitors, tenants, owners, Landlords, maintenance, and suppliers.

Technical Resources to Support the Building Management Team

With the lengthy experience of our team, we have access to a considerable repertoire of vetted and trusted subcontractors, tradespeople, and suppliers for many various different tasks.

Our Building Management Team has access to a huge “knowledge bank” and the resources to support and assist our Clienetel from the day-to-day maintenance to after-hours emergency call outs

Facility Management

To save you money, and, offer a time-saving opportunity, we offer a holistic tailored Facility Management bundle.

Consider your time involved in your facility’s operations. How can you reduce your time, and still maintain visibility on the site? We can offer you a tailored system based on your hierarchy of needs. For Example

Tailored Agreements

How can we make your life easier?

Your Building Management Agreement is tailored, with you, to meet your requirements and match your budget. The Core advantage with a “Single Source Supplier” is one phone number, all hours, to help when you need it. This means we are also invested with you to ensure quality meaningful outcomes in maintenance and service. We want your business based upon performance, hence, in our agreements, we offer a “no excuse required” escape clause, just give us 90 day’s notice if you’re not happy.

We can help you faster

From the huge Choice of Building Management Companies available to you, we hope you will give us a try.