Why Your Building Needs the Right Cleaners for the Job.

First impressions are so important for you and for the visitors to your building, they will notice the “little things”.
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This is Why Your Building Needs the Right Cleaners for the Job. First Impression Count.

Keep It Simple.

I personally recall a 7-day visit to a hotel in Cairns in 2018 and every time I traveled in the lift I couldn’t help but continue to notice the build-up of debris in the lift door tracks that remained for the duration of my stay.

A clean and well-presented building not only creates a more attractive and enjoyable environment for your visitors, residents, and tenants, it helps to maintain your building’s market appeal.  Cleaners who notice the “little things” and continuously pay attention to detail are valuable assets.

Cleaning companies have an obligation to ensure that they provide experienced staff members who are fully conversant with cleaning procedures and products and to ensure that the cleaning process does not compromise or damage surfaces, finishes or furnishing.

Building Managers Play an Important Role

Building Managers who support the efforts of cleaning staff are often able to build a good relationship and can enjoy reciprocated support.

In turn,  the building Management team is benefiting from the cleaning staff assisting them by becoming additional “eyes & ears” in the building.

Cleaners will often notice issues in the building before anyone else, and prompt reporting to the Building Management Team can result in issues being dealt with efficiently sometimes averting a major crisis. Building Manager executive on the mobile phone sorting out a acleaning issue with the tenants

Building Management Supervision of the Cleaning Results.

Building Managers also have a responsibility to ensure that cleaners are able to perform their tasks to an acceptable standard. Regular inspections should be undertaken.

The Building Management team needs to review any issues discussed with the cleaning supervisor in an effort to ensure support is given to the Cleaning team, and that a harmonious and effective relationship continues with all the relevant cleaning standards maintained in the building.

Cleaning and Managing with the COVID – 19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased our desire for clean environments, both at home and at work.

This increase in cleaning diligence has resulted in a greater take up of the cleaning services provided to commercial and residential properties alike.

Cleaners are reducing harmful germs by implementing detailed cleaning programs focusing on the regular disinfection of touchpoints and shared service areas. Additional cleaning programs to other areas in buildings are now required to meet the Governments COVID-19 Best Practice Guidelines.

Building a Relationship – Your Building Needs the Right Cleaners!

Building a good relationship with cleaning staff is vital in securing a continued high standard of service and ensuring you have got the ‘right’ cleaners for your site.