Ten reasons to implement an Facility Management Works system

Facility Management Works Software Benefits include:

  • Mitigating Risk
  • Automated Planned maintenance Schedules
  • Contractor Management
  • WH & S Management
  • Simplify Day to Day Work
  • Document Management
  • Real-time updates, Reports, and info via web Portal
  • Sustainability Management
  • Automated Scheduled Reports
  • Report across the entire Portfolio

FM Innovations®, an Australian company based in Melbourne, is a specialist in integrated FM software. Operating for almost 16 years, the key to our success is the unique business approach of designing and customizing a suite of modular software that can be standalone or fully integrated to offer clients a total FM software solution.

Implementing FM software is all about mitigating risk. With mandatory disclosure laws in energy management and huge fines if companies don’t meet compliance regulations, now more than ever is the time to be on top of your FM to avoid not just fines, but the risk of goal term. Within just a few months, clients can expect their corporate objectives to be addressed, and their ROI reached.

Our FM software suite is simple to use and painless to maintain. It is flexible and adaptable, cost-effective to implement, and painless to migrate. It incorporates core functionality such as integrated workflow and sustainability management and we offer four key modules:

  • FM Works Management software
  • Property Lease Management software
  • Room Booking & Event Management software
  • Vehicle Booking & Management software.

Some of the benefits of implementing a Facility Management Works system

  1. Mitigating Risk
    All of your ESM tasks such as checking Fire Safety Equipment are scheduled within the system and a Work Order will automatically be generated when it’s time for them to be checked. This Work Order can either go directly to your preferred contractor with a copy to the Building Coordinator, or it can go via the Building Coordinator for prior approval thereby taking the risk out of missing critical dates and timelines.
  2. Automated Planned Maintenance Schedules
    General tasks such as checking roof and downpipes, checking machinery, plant & equipment, etc are all entered in the system and automatically initiated via Work Order when due. An automated workflow will enable you to enter the jobs once and forget about them.
  3. Contractor Management
    Your regular Contractors are maintained in the system together with:

    • Their accreditation information including induction information etc
    • Their rates
    • Their contact information

    The system will automatically inform you when any of the critical accreditation is due to expire so your records are always up to date and you are proactive in risk management. These contractors can also be evaluated by your clients and you can start to rate their efficiency and professionalism. This way you have very stringent records on all of your contractors which again will help reduce the risk of poor contract management.

  4. WH&S Management
    You, and your basic end-users, can log any WH&S issues through the system and thereby keep a track of any incidents, any equipment involved and what the action was.
  5. Simplify Day to Day Work
    You can set up a standard task list for your Cleaners and regular contractors in the system which they will need to tick off and return to you – you then have a record of all work done within the system.
  6. Document Management
    You can upload all of the building plans, drawings, and documents within the system and can attach any of them to a Work Order – you can also attach any standard Work documents you may have so there is no excuse for contractors not to abide by your regulations.
  7. Real-Time Updates, Reports, and Information via a tailored Web Portal
    With the Web Portal, your clients can enter your tailored web portal at any time and check on the status of work in their building. Your contractors can log in via the web portal to check on work coming up for them. You may also give them the ability to close work via the Web Portal.
  8. Sustainability Management
    With the Sustainability module, you can manage the water, waste, and energy of your buildings – with Mandatory disclosure in Energy management just around the corner, this is key to all of our clients and we have NABERS guides built into the system.
  9. Automated Scheduled Reports
    You can set up scheduled reports on any information in the system, to anybody at any time. For example, you may want the tenants in the building to know what work is due that week on their floor. Or a manager may wish to have a report scheduled to him every Monday morning to show him what work is due that week on all of your properties. All of these reports are set up in advance and automatically run and emailed to the appropriate person.
  10. Report Across the entire Property Portfolio
    You will have all of your building information including your contractor information; fixed assets; ESM schedules; ad hoc maintenance schedules etc in one system, enabling you to report across your buildings at the click of a button. Reports to your clients could not be simpler.

Cost Benefits

The daily cost-benefit will be in the day to day operational cost reduction:

  • Reduce the average cost of each maintenance task by 5%
  • Reduce the cost of energy to each building for lighting and heating 5% to 20%
  • Reduce the cost of cleaning by service contracts by 15% to 25%
  • Reduce the cost of insurance premiums based on better and managed work practices
  • Reduce the per sqm cost of operating facilities by an average of 4% per annum

The major cost reduction though is not in direct cost savings but in reducing risk for the organization, its executives and its staff.

  • Cost of huge fines for non-compliance
  • Cost of the executive in gaol thus reducing productivity
  • Cost of reputation damage to business
  • Cost of work cover premiums
  • Cost of compliance with multi-layered government agencies

Some benefits of implementing WSM Property

  • WSM Property module holds extensive information regarding every leased and owned property
  • Properly identifies critical dates and reminds you in time to get the best deal and not miss a critical negotiation period
  • Properly identifies all sub-tenants and head leases with extensive data on suppliers involved with each transaction
  • Property records outgoings and rent reviews
  • Scheduled reports can be automatically sent to relevant parties with upcoming tasks and critical dates at any time
  • A watch list is presented each morning with upcoming actions
  • Manage all documentation including legal documents within the system so it’s no longer necessary to look through paper files
  • Bring up a complete list of relevant parties who are involved in each lease
  • Group properties in various portfolio groups to enable accurate and diverse reporting at the press of a button
  • Never miss a critical date
  • Conduct rent reviews and forecasts simply and quickly
  • Merge documents for mailing
  • Print the system log for an updated and accurate report on all work done
  • Manage the water, energy & waste bench-marking against green star recommendations
  • Report across the entire property portfolio
  • Press a button and have a complete report on each property
  • Save excessive time and money on automated property management with the confidence any team member can go on holiday and nothing will be missed.

Why FM Innovations for your Facility Management Works system?

Implementing a business-critical system requires a partner who takes time to understand your business processes and procedures. A partner who can guide and support you from the moment you are looking to take this important step. There is no end to the support, FMI will continue to build a long-term relationship with you and adapt and grown our software as your business grows.

Established in 1997, FMI has been helping Australian clients to manage their FM business for almost 15 years. We are based in Melbourne and all of our design and development happens in-house with a dedicated team of 16 staff to ensure your experience is painless, now and in the future, and your expectations are met.

Our clients are happy to provide testament to this, and FMI is happy to pass on referee details when required.

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